Halo 4: New Multiplayer Video Has Covenant Weapons, Dubstep

David Lynch


Halo 4 shows off the reworked Covenant weaponry in a new video, all to an awesome dubstep remix.

Published on Sep 20, 2012

343 Industries has released a new Halo 4 video focusing on the reworked Covenant weaponry and the new multiplayer modes.

Halo 4, more than any previous Halo, is bringing new weapons based on the new Forerunner enemies, the Prometheans, but that doesn't mean all your old favourites are getting left behind.

In fact, 343's new video highlights just how much work has gone into making each weapon, old and new, sound fresh with the Covenant weaponry in particular sizzling with energy.

Halo 4's new trailer also shows off a dubstep remix of Sotaro Tojima's audio design and Neil 'Massive Attack' Davidge's musical score.

It might be a little Borderlands 2, but it's got an excellent Halo twist to it.



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