Half-Life 3: Latest Rumours Suggest Open World Inspired By Skyrim

Tom Hopkins

A new report claims that after multiple revisions Valve is settling on an open-world approach for Half-Life 3.

Published on Sep 20, 2012

Half-Life 3 could feature an open environment with players completing 'quests' according to a new report.

The rumour comes courtesy of French site journaldugamer, which claims via an anonymous source divulged the details.

"The person close to Valve has confirmed that the development of Half-Life 3 is well under way, although much work remains," reads the clunky Google translation.

According to the source "Half-Life 3 FPS will always be very action-oriented, but with many RPG elements: open-world, quests and NPCs," and is inspired by the Elder Scrolls series.

Half-Life 3 has been revised numerous times due to gameplay, added the source, and the new direction could add more in the way of exploration and puzzles.

The report finishes by speculating that the game may not launch until after 2013, and could coincide with a Valve hardware release, such as the rumoured 'Steambox' console.

Just a huge rumour, or something more? Have your say below.



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