Bohemia Interactive Calls On Community To Support Arrested Arma 3 Devs

Tom Hopkins

Arma 3 and DayZ developer Bohemia Interactive has begun an online petition after two of its developers were arrested in Greece on suspicion of spying.

Published on Sep 18, 2012

Arma 3 developer Bohemia Interactive has called on the support of the Arma, Operation Flashpoint and DayZ communities, as well as non-gamers alike to support Arma 3 developers Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar who were arrested by authorities and accused of spying while on a Greek island.

The developers are potentially facing a 20-year jail term after allegedly taking pictures of a military installation in Lemnos.



"We've been gratified at the interest you have shown in our games and especially the attention garnered by the recent DayZ phenomenon," Bohemia spokesman Ota Vrtatko said. "What I would like to do is to make you aware, if you're not already, of a community created support website for Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar - The website contains information about their arrest, links to news reports and an on-going petition to raise voices in protest at the arrest and charges."

Buchta and Pezlar said in a joint statement: "It is all a completely absurd misunderstanding that will certainly be quickly explained."




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