Xbox 720 Could Use 3D Environments With Next Gen Kinect

David Lynch


Next Gen patents hint at the future of Kinect and the possibilities of room-projected gaming on Xbox 720.

Published on Sep 11, 2012

Microsoft has filing a new patent that hints at the possible direction for the Xbox 720 and next gen applications of Kinect 2.

The new patent shows a console hooked up to a Kinect-like device and what also looks like a small, TV-mounted projector, according to Patently Apple. The image accompanying the patent implies that Kinect and a room projection of the game being played will surround the player in the game world as they play.

The figure also appears to be playing an FPS using Kinect, which implies the already rumoured increased accuracy and depth perception of Microsoft’s motion controller will be ironed out in the future tech.

The projector, mounted next to the Kinect unit, is also projecting the surrounding game world onto the player’s walls acting as a sort of peripheral vision to the main action still occurring on the TV screen.

It has also been hinted that the patented tech could work with the rumoured Kinect Glassess technology that would help further ground the player in whatever game they were playing.

Despite the patent hinting at existing and in-development technology being used together to enhance the game experience, patents like this appear a lot and rarely act as confirmation for up-coming features. 

Does this represent more of Microsoft’s pie in the sky thinking? With Kinect’s major complaint being the huge space needed to use it effectively, is Microsoft once again over-estimating the average gamer's living room space?

Plus, wouldn’t we all need to have white living room walls?

A recent Apple patent hinted at controller support for iOS devices.

Would you like to use a projector that helped surround you in the action? Is this what you want from a next gen Xbox? Let us know below. 



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