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Skyrim: Hearthfire DLC - How To Build The Best House

Adam Barnes


We've been playing Skyrim: Hearthfire, and here's the finished product. Take a look at what your house can aspire to be.

We've had a good few hours on Hearthfire - Skyrim's latest DLC - and we've already realised a pattern.

Due to the nature of building your house, there is a limit to how much you can build. As such, there is a finished product.

So we thought we'd tempt you, to show you the options available to you and the success you can one day hope to achieve.

We should probably point out that each house is limited to only three different wings. After building the first room and the main hall, you can only add a room to the west, east or north wing.

These are specific choices from three different options per wing, and once the foundations are set you're stuck with that choice.

We opted for the library in the east wing, the trophy room in the north wing and the bedrooms in the west wing (in the hopes of one day fulfilling our dream of adopting a child).

Frustratingly you can only have the bedrooms or the glasshouse, not both - which made the possibility of creating a self-staining lifestyle for our children an impossibility. Sigh.

If you need help building your house, check out our guides that pinpoint where to buy a plot of Skyrim land in the first place, or how to hire a steward and adopt a child.

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