Skyrim: Hearthfire DLC - How To Buy A Plot Of Land

Adam Barnes


Public service announcement for all Skyrim: Hearthfire players, here's how you can get your first plot of land.

Published on Sep 4, 2012

We've been messing around with Skyrim: Hearthfire when it launched earlier today, but some of you may find it a little confusing when trying find out where to go to start this content.

It's fairly simple, thankfully. 

Find a courier as you're playing Skyrim and he will hand you a letter, telling you that one of the Jarls of Skyrim has land for sale.

His letter will specify the location, and this can be any of the three possible land locations: The Pale, Hjaalmarsh or Falkreath.

Failing the appearance of a courier, you're free to travel to one of the Jarls of the three capitals detailed and ask them about the land for sale that "they were talking about".

So far we've only been able to buy the land at The Pale from the Jarl in Dawnstar, and can't seem to get the others to talk about selling any land. We'll report back about whether it's possible to buy more than one plot of land, but it's important to note that a courier won't appear if you're a Thane in the area.

You can turn a follower into a steward by speaking to them and asking them, which will make future constuction tasks considerably easier.

We're going to mess around with Skyrim: Hearthfire's possible options for a bit, so be sure to check back for our DLC review soon.



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