Skyrim: Dawnguard PS3 Still A Focus, Dishonored Won't Suffer Similar Issues

Adam Barnes


Afraid Dishonored on PS3 might be affected by the same problems? Pete Hines says there's no need to worry.

Published on Sep 3, 2012

There's still no budging on Skyrim: Dawnguard coming to PS3, unfortunately, but Bethesda's Pete Hines claims it is still important to developer.

Bethesda has had a lot of flak over Skyrim: Dawnguard recently since it claimed there were issues on bringing the content over to PS3 that might never get resolved.

"Right now our focus is on getting it to work so we can release it," answered Hines to a question over whether Dawnguard will ever release on PS3, "Not on what we do if we can't."

Elsewhere he confirmed that Bethesda is working with Sony on getting the content to work.

He then went on to specify the problems, saying "for some folks it might make the game run poorly. Some folks, you might not notice anything."

All these issues with Skyrim on PS3 has a few worried for Dishonored, however, such as one Twitter user who asked "Will Dishonored run properly on the PS3? I don't want another Skyrim."

Hines responded, "Dishonored runs very well on PS3. Press have been playing it all month at QuakeCon, Gamescom, and here at PAX. Ask all the press playing the PS3 version if you don't believe me."

So that's good news.



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