Diablo 3's 'Original Design' Now Used In Marvel Heroes - Brevik

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Diablo co-creator David Brevik agrees that Marvel Heroes is 'the spiritual successor' to Diablo 2.

Published on Aug 31, 2012

David Brevik is a very important man to the Diablo franchise, and has spoken out about Blizzard's approach to Diablo 3 before - something that has caused the ire of ex-colleague Jay Wilson.

Now Brevik is working on Marvel Heroes, a superhero-fuelled MMO that the team at Gazillion Entertainment has said it believes is the spiritual successor to Diablo 2.

When asked about the comment, David Brevik said "We've got a lot of team members here that are working on Marvel Heroes that worked on Diablo 2, including me, and so in a lot of ways it is.

"This is originally the design that we wanted to make" Brevik added, "not using Marvel but from a gameplay standpoint, and is very, very similar to what we were thinking about for Diablo 3."

Brevik's role in the creation of Diablo was an important one, experience he has used to help create Marvel Heroes.

"I've taken what I learned in Diablo 1 and made in Diablo 2," he said, adding that he is taking "some of the stuff that we wanted to do in Diablo 2 and that we were going to do in Diablo 3 but now I'm putting it in Marvel Heroes."

"So in a lot of ways this is the spiritual successor to Diablo 2," agreed Brevik.

One such feature planned for Diablo 3 was a persistent hub called BattleNet Town, which was intended to replace a chat room.

"You never really were in a chat room," Brevik said, "you were actually in the world at all times. So you were running around town, there were other people around and you were interacting with them, trading and chatting with them.

"It was basically a graphic chat room," he added.

This was one of the original plans for Diablo 3, in fact, and was the "foundation" that was going to push Diablo 3 into making it what Brevik calls an "action RPG MMO."

Brevik explained that this is an idea he has latched on to since and even formed a basis for Mythos when his team at Flagship Studios - the development studio he created after leaving Blizzard - were working on the game. 

"So finally, what I'm doing here with Marvel Heroes, it's actually going to come out and take that next step in action RPGs" claimed Brevik.

Are you more excited about Marvel Heroes after hearing it has such close bonds to Diablo 2, or are you just content with Blizzard's Diablo 3?



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