Half Life 3: Fan Submits Valve Sequel To Steam Greenlight

Tom Hopkins

Valve predicted it, and now it's happened - a Steam Greenlight usr has submitted an idea for a game called Half-Life 3.

Published on Aug 31, 2012

Half-Life 3 still lives on as a concept in most gamer's hopes and dreams, and devoid of any solid info from Valve on the long-awaited sequel, Steam user Sz|Caidus has submitted the game to Steam's newly launched Greenlight feedback service.

The cheeky wag has included the fan-made HL3 logo and even a quote from 'future Gabe Newell'.

Valve predicted as much back at the start of August. Hit the link for more.

We're still optimistic of Half-Life 3 appearing during this console generation -  are you?



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