The Secret World Flops, Funcom Focusing On Smaller Projects

Tom Hopkins

Funcom concedes it will look to make "smaller, more focused online games" after The Secret World sales disappoint.

Published on Aug 29, 2012

The Secret World, Funcom's ambitious MMO, has shifted just over 200,000 copies since launching at the end of June, the developer has confirmed.

Funcom has now said it will concentrate its attentions on "smaller, more focused online games" after confirming its belief that The Secret World will sell less than half what they forecast for launch year, with plans to layoff around half its employees.

Strong competition and new information from rivals WoW, Diablo 3 and Guild wars 2, and mixed review scores were cited as significant factors in Funcom's latest financial results.

Funcom will still endeavour to build on The Secret World however, which is set for monthly content updates.

League of Legends, World of Tanks and Minecraft were cited as examples of the type of game Funcom will look to make in future - first up though is its Lego MMO.



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