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GTA 5: New Screens Tackle 'Business', Reveal Cars, Characters & Cops

Just as the world of GTA 5 was starting to look a little too tranquil, Rockstar's latest screens turn up the heat.

Grand Theft Auto 5 will almost certainly see the return of the wanted rating - and it's a good job too, with the latest batch of screens from Rockstar revealing the business-end (read: crime) of the open-world action game.

There's a police chase with a helicopter and supercar, a seedy looking encounter down near the water at night involving another chopper and a rifle-toting character, and a death-defying chase with one character on the back of a car transporter.

A fourth shot shows the crop-dusting biplane which first appeared in the debute trailer.

Rockstar said it will return "more to see in a few weeks or so". Does that mean no 2012 release date? Enjoy the screens in our gallery and have your say below!

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