GTA 5: ‘Business’ Screenshots Analysis – More Secrets & Gameplay Revealed!

Nick Jones

Let's take a look at the latest 'Business' GTA 5 screens and see what secrets and info they tell us about the ful game.

Published on Aug 24, 2012

More new GTA 5 screenshots from Rockstar, so another chance for us to glean some tidbits of infomation about the game.

Who’s the driver?

Okay, this is definitely not the guy from the GTA 5 trailer, so is definitely a new playable character. Maybe. Judging by his haircut, he likely the guy pictured in Wednesday’s parachute/base jump pic. It’s hard to tell but this guy could be black or Hispanic, or could even be CJ or Luis. Or a new character entirely.

Who is this new character?

Vapid racer

This sign in the top right corner says ‘Vapid’ it’s one in a long line of fake GTA companies that satirise real world ones. In this case, Vapid, a car company based loosely on Ford.

Police sniper

Here’s something new: a police sniper sat in the open doorway of a helicopter, making this ‘incident’ probably a three on the GTA wanted star rating.

You’re the sniper!?

Talking of police snipers, here’s a shoot out with another one and, wait, is that another new playable character? Or is it an NPC being shot at either by the police or by your character in the helicopter? If it’s you’re doing the sniping, though, who’s doing the flying? An NPC? Or another human player? Fingers crossed for some kind of GTA 5 co-op mode.


This scene is located down in Los Santos’ docks area, Ocean Docks; the bridge is the GTA equivalent of Vincent Thomas Bridge in LA.

Business time

Does this say ‘Jeteam Terminal’? “International”? We can’t read it and it isn’t a GTA business or brand we recognise. Any ideas?


Okay, here’s that bi-plane from the trailer, used in that instance to ‘dust’ what looked like immigrant workers. Here, though, it’s being used to fly along one of San Andreas’ rivers. Interestingly there are two seats… does this suggest a co-op mode? Eitehr way, this vehicle, a load of grenades and a partner would make for some fun times.


If there were ever any doubts about another playable character, then this should lay them to rest. Also, check out what he’s up to. Clambering onto the back of one of those car transport trucks, presumably to steal a car while it’s on the move. Is this a mission? Or just a way of acquiring cars? Knowing GTA, it’s probably both.

Just tell us!



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