Baldur's Gate Devs Tease Black Isle Dream Team Collaboration

Tom Hopkins

Could Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition dev Beamdog be about to work with Interplay's resuscitated Black Isle to form an RPG dream team?

Published on Aug 23, 2012

Baldur's Gate developer Beamdog appears to know something about the return of Interplay's Black Isle, judging from recent hints by Trent Oster and co.

"We are not at this moment affiliated with the new Black Isle Studios," Oster wrote via twitter, suggesting that circumstance might change.

"If there is a BG3, it would be developed on new technology. Our current plans have nothing to do with the Black Hound concept,"Oster added.

The Beamdog founder was non-commital regarding suggestions that Beamdog and the reformed Black Isle might work together, and declined to shoot down suggestions of a merger with the reactivated Interplay studio.

Meanwhile, BGEE composer Sam Hulick revealed that he's "involved in an upcoming Kickstarter for a game," while Beamdog producer Philip Daigle tweeted "are we still on for lunch?" to Black Isle.

Sounds like something's brewing to us.

Black Isle Studios has been resurrected to develop new instalments of Interplay's IP, the publisher has confirmed - which once included Icewind Dale, Fallout and others.

According to tweets yesterday, Brian Fargo, Chris Avellone, Fergus Urqhart and other original Black Isle employees are not involved in the studio's return.



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