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Five PS3 Exclusives That Never Were Detailed By Sony Cambridge Artist

Tom Hopkins

Five canned PS3 concepts have been revealed via the online portfolio of SCE Cambridge dev Jason Wilson.

PS3 players may have got a science fiction game controlled with PlayStation Move, a modern day alien-invasion shooter set in the UK, a zombie survival game and an action title similar in style to Kill Bil - if things had been different.

The concepts were pitched internally at SCE's Cambridge Studio according to the portfolio of concept artist Jason Wilson, which revealed five since-cancelled games with artwork and descriptions.

The PS3 concepts, which date from 2005 to 2011, include Manhattan, a DayZ-style zombie survival game, Revolution 4, a UK-based alien-invasion shooter canned because Resistance: Fall of Man was already in development at Insomniac, action slasher Zodiac Assassin and PlayStation Eye title Simian, a precursor to EyePet.

An untitled project featured astronauts in space with PS Move functionality.

Hit the links above for more, or view the gallery to see how some of the games might have looked.

Cambridge Studio is currently working on Killzone: Mercenary for PS Vita.

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