GTA 5: Zavvi Claims November Release Date Confirmed 'By Supplier' - [Update]

Tom Hopkins

Grand Theft Auto 5 could launch on 23 November according to a new report citing retail info from Zavvi.

Published on Aug 22, 2012

Zavvi has contacted the original author of the story to say that the date is a placeholder and TBC, which it now also says on the retailer's GTA 5 page.

[Original Story]
GTA 5 is set for a 23 November release date according to a report on Eurogamer Portugal, a translation of which claims that Zavvi confirmed the date as sourced from its 'supplier'.

"I can confirm that this is the release date forward by our supplier," reportedly confirmed over the phone. "If the release date change, our website will be updated immediately."

Zavvi has carried the placeholder release date since way back in March, but given the recent promotion of GTA 5 via new images, speculation is currently riding higher than ever on when it will actually launch.

If Zavvi did get the date from a supplier that could give it some extra weight - the retailer was unavailable for comment when NowGamer contacted it earlier today.



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