GTA 5: Gameplay, Vehicles & Secrets – Everything You Need To Know

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Need all the info on GTA 5 and you need it now? We’ve rundown a list of everything there is to know about Rockstar’s next GTA.

Published on Aug 22, 2012

Need all the info on GTA 5 and you need it now? We’ve rundown a list of everything there is to know about Rockstar’s next GTA.

22/8/2012 – 3 More New Screenshots Released

Entitled ‘Leisure’ this latest batch of screenshots confirmed some of the features that will be making it in GTA 5.

The Sanchez returns in a new, more modern form for dirt bike races through what can be presumed to be Mount Chilad.

Click each image for larger versions.

Tennis courts in what looks to be a Beverly Hills style mansion suggests tennis will be a mini-game, much like golf was in The Ballad Of Gay Tony.

Lastly, a picture of a man parachuting tells us that base-jumping will return, as will a more open countryside area to explore.

19/8/2012 – 3 New Screenshots Released

In a surprise move, Rockstar dropped a set of three screenshots on its GTA 5 newswire. Tagged ‘Transport’, the screenshots confirmed three ways that players will navigate Los Santos.

The first is, of course, driving, but most interesting in the screenshot is the confirmation that the Cheetah will be returning after the iconic sports car failed to appear in GTA 4. It has a brand new overhauled look now, however.

Click image for larger version.

The second screenshot confirmed that cycle bikes will be returning to the series. This one is a road bike, however, with lower-slung handlebars; it’s a vehicle for speed. The BMX hasn’t been spotted yet, but it’s highly likely it’ll be returning from San Andreas.

Lastly is the reintroduction of planes. The third screenshot reveals fighter jets will be in the game, and this one is replete with missiles – combat planes are returning!

Interestingly the final screenshot also has a character that resembles the suited man in the announcement trailer, perhaps confirming him as a playable character?

1/8/2012 – Epsilonism Viral Twitter Account Started

Viral social media campaigns isn’t unusual for Rockstar, just check out those websites it created during the PS2 era GTAs.

For GTA 5 it seems Rockstar has resurrected the San Andreas scientology/cult parody Epsilon Program through Twitter.

The account - @EpsilonismToday – quickly set about with GTA’s trademark humour, and seems to parallel a lot of the recent announcements on Rockstar’s newswire, including new Rockstar merchandise being made available.

17/7/2012 – First 2 Screenshots Released

Nonchalantly dropped inside the middle of a Rockstar community Q&A, this pair of screenshots doesn’t confirm much that we don’t already know, but they do show the quality we might expect from GTA 5.

The sprawling cityscape of Los Santos has changed, however, resembling a much more realistic representation of Los Angeles than San Andreas ever managed to do.

The lush landscape of the second screenshot also confirms what we presume to be the Beverly Hills equivalent of Los Santos, and it’s looking lovely too.

16/5/2012 – Rumoured Vehicle List Found In Max Payne 3

It’s hard to really siphon off any fact out of this, but it is rumoured that a vehicle list for GTA 5 was found in some Max Payne 3 files.

There’s a mix of new and old vehicles confirmed – with the Rhino tank even making an appearance – that seems to suggest this list could be real.

But why would they be in Max Payne 3, even when so few of the vehicles make an appearance in the game? Who knows. Check the original story for full details.

3/5/2012 – Multiplayer Crews Confirmed For GTA 5

Max Payne 3 features multiplayer ‘crews’, an online clan of sorts that you and your friends can join to compete against other crews with each crew have its stats tracked for comparison against others.

Rockstar confirmed this feature will also be carrying over into GTA 5, so expect multiplayer and expect crew integration.

3/1/2012 – GTA 5’s Map Is ‘Very Big’

It’s not much, but it’s a comment from Dan Houser where, despite trying to stick to the press release, he discusses how GTA 5’s map is ‘very big’. Click the link for the full story.

2/11/2011 – GTA 5 Is Official, Announcement Trailer Details

If you haven’t already seen it then what the hell are you reading this for? Go and watch it.

There were a number of details dropped in the GTA 5 announcement trailer, and we put it under scrutiny to find out what’s new for GTA 5.

Firstly, as confirmed in the press release, it will be set in San Andreas, this time focusing only on Los Santos and the outlying countryside. The Vinewood sign is spotted in the trailer.

It’s going to focus on the pursuit of money, with multiple references to wealth and poverty throughout the trailer, as well as glimpses of sports cars, suited men and even an oil rig pumping for the valuable resource.

Planes are confirmed, as is a more detailed countryside, as well as hikers heading off to Mount Chiliad.

A new vehicle, the jet-ski called Speedophile 2000, was also seen in the trailer. This is a first for the series.

It also looks as though golfing will be implemented as a mini-game (as it was with The Ballad Of Gay Tony), and even golf carts to ride around in.

We've got a full GTA 5 trailer run-down if you're after a few more hidden nuggets of info.



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