GTA 5 New 'Leisure' Screenshots Analysis – Secrets & Gameplay Revealed

Nick Jones

Let’s take a look at the latest GTA 5 screenshots and see what gameaplay details and secrets they might hold.

Published on Aug 22, 2012

Leisure is the theme, and the screens look like they show some of the sports and pursuits you can participate in, in GTA 5. Here are the key points.

Trial bike racing mini game
Looks pretty much certain this, with the screenshot showing lots of riders on trial bikes on a dirt course. Racing. Will this be a single mission or something you can revisit as a way to make money or even a career you can participate in?

Dirt bike Sanchez
If other GTA games are to go by, these trial bikes are called the Sanchez. They first appeared in Vice City, which also featured a trial bike race mission.

Custom outfits?
Like this week’s earlier GTA 5 road bike screen, these riders appear to be in custom bike riding outfits, suggesting that there a) that you’ll be able to wear such apparel and b) there will be a lot more character customisation in GTA 5.

Mt. Chiliad

Is that Mt. Chiliad the riders are racing up? Certainly looks like it. Mt. Chiliad was – famously – the highest point of San Andreas and a great spot for base-jumping.

Talking of which, this screenshot confirms the inclusion of parachutes and (almost certainly) base-jumping.

Countryside? Confirmed!
It also demonstrates that the countryside around Los Santos will be a sizable area, and will encompass rivers, hills, bridges and so on. You wouldn’t expect any less, now would you?

Waterfalling down
This waterfall is interesting. Why? Well, we don’t recall any waterfalls in San Andreas, and the implication here being that – along with these other white-knuckle sports – there could also be kayaking.

Dirt roads
Well, it is the countryside. Having dirt roads suggests that there will be all manner of off road vehicles included in GTA 5. We’re hoping for Bandito and, of course, the Combine Harvester.

NPC – New Playable Character
Let’s not forget this guy. On close inspection this doesn’t look like the main protagonist from the trailer, or the same guy flying the jet fighter in Monday's Transport screenshots. It’s hard to tell at this resolution and from this angle, but the hair certainly looks different – there's some kind of fade going on here – and his skin is a darker shade.

Could it be the return of haircut customisation? Or maybe your character gets more tanned the longer he’s in the sun?

More likely that this is a different player character entirely. It’s been rumoured for a while that there would be more than one playable character in GTA 5 and that these characters’ stories would intertwine in a similar, but more explicit, fashion than the stories of Niko, Luis and Johnny in Episodes From Liberty City.

Game to love?
Well, if these screenshots come under the ‘leisure’ header, then we can assume that this is some kind of tennis mini game. Is this simply something to wile away your time or will there be some kind of mission where you get to pose as a tennis pro? That’s just something we’ve always wanted to do.

Ride The Rodeo
This house/mansion just has to be in the GTA 5 equivalent of Beverly Hills, which is called Rodeo. It is, of course, where LA’s rich and famous live in their walled mansions, out of the way of the homeless and starving. Ripe for sending up in any kind of satire on the American Dream and the recession.

Owning property?

But do you get to be a part of that rich and famous community? No doubt you’ll get to buy property as you work your way up Los Santos’ rich list but will GTA 5 have more to say about the property ladder than just allowing you to climb it?



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