Sony Liverpool Was Working On Wipeout & Splinter Cell Rival For PS4 - Report

Tom Hopkins

Sony's closure of Studio Liverpool also meant the canning of two next-gen PlayStation 4 titles, according to reports.

Published on Aug 22, 2012

Wipeout and a Splinter Cell-style game were in development at SCE's Studio Liverpool for the next-gen PlayStation 4, according to sources.

The Wipeout game was in the works for around 12-18 months according to one source that spoke to Eurogamer. It was described as "dramatically different" to other games in the series.

A second source revealed that a gangster-themed game for PS4 had evolved into something closer to Splinter Cell, and was set to use LA Noire-style motion capture techniques.

Both projects have now been cancelled with the closure of the studio.



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