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Dust 514: CCP Has 'No Plans' For Retail Release, Despite Box Art

Tom Hopkins

EVE developer CCP confirms that upcoming spin-off shooter Dust 514 will be a free digital download for PS3 100 per cent, as retail art hits the net.

Dust 514 developer CCP has no plans to release the free-to-play PS3 shooter via retail outlets, it has confirmed to NowGamer.

The confirmation comes as retail box art has launched online, and some retailers, including, have the game available for pre-order for £39.99, calling into question how free the game would actually be.

The answer? Completely free. CCP will have a microtransaction based economy in the game, as well as paid content packs such as the already-live Mercenary Pack, but the main game will be downloadable and free-to-play as originally announced.

CCP told us the box art was created simply to support the digital game.

Dust 514's beta yesterday opened to PlayStation Plus subscribers in the US - Europe gets th sam treatment from today.

Check out the gallery - which includes the first images of the Dust 514 PS Vita app - for more.

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