Diablo 3 Update 1.0.4 Goes Live, Adds Paragon System, Buffs - Full Patch Notes

Tom Hopkins

Diablo 3's latest update goes live, introducing the 100-level Paragon system for Level 60 players.

Published on Aug 22, 2012

Diablo 3 has updated to version 1.0.4, and now inlcudes improvements to Legendary items, the new Paragon system and buffs for all the heroes - check out the full patch notes below:

Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.4


New System added: Paragon Levels
        After a player reaches level 60, killing monsters and completing combat challenge streaks (Killing Blow, Massacre, etc) will begin to award experience towards Paragon levels
        There are 100 total Paragon levels to be earned
        Each Paragon level will reward you with:
            Core stats such as Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Vitality in amounts similar to what you'd gain from a normal level
            3% Magic Find and 3% Gold Find
        In addition, a distinctive border will surround your character portrait in the in-game party frame to denote your Paragon progression, with a new frame earned after every ten levels. Your Paragon level will also be visible to other players wherever your normal level is shown.
    Pets with passive life regeneration (most notably Followers, Zombie Dogs, and Gargantuans) have had their life regeneration greatly increased from levels 30-60
    Nephalem Valor now grants +15% Bonus Experience per stack, as well as +15% to Magic Find and Gold Find
    Magic Find will now cap at 300% (Nephalem Valor bonuses will still stack beyond this cap)
    Magic Find is no longer averaged among all players in a multiplayer game
    Players can now disable or enable music in the Sound Options
    Additional Sound Options including Sound Output and Speaker Setup has been added
    A new tutorial about "Elective Mode" will now appear when a player enters Nightmare, Hell, or Inferno difficulty for the first time


Bug Fixes

        The achievement "Espionage" can now be completed as the Battlefield Reports lore can now drop in Act III
        The achievement "A Unique Collection" can now be completed (see the Bug Fixes in the Monsters section for more information)
        The "Kill Diablo" criteria for the achievement "Death From Afar” has been removed

Auction House

    Auctions can now be cancelled at any point so long as they do not have any active bids
    Number of "Preferred Stats" allowed per search increased from 3 to 6
    Number of digits allowed in the "Min Value" field for equipment searches increased from 3 to 5
    "Minimum Damage" has been replaced with "Average Damage" as a searchable stat
        Bonus damage is calculated as the Average Damage: (Min Damage + Max Damage)/2
        For example, searching for a Bonus Damage of 12 will find an item with 10-14 damage, 12 minimum damage, or 24 maximum damage.
    Stat increases which come from slotted gems are no longer taken into account when searching for equipment
    Armor, DPS, Buyout, and Time Left columns are now sortable in the Search tab
    The maximum stack size of gold per listing has been increased from 100,000 to 1,000,000
    The following message has been added to the Item Purchase screen: "Item properties and values may change over time due to game balancing"
    Description text has been added or improved for several error messages

UI Improvements

        Tooltips have been added for items in the Completed tab
        Tooltips have been added for commodities
        Item Compare tooltips have been added to the Recommended Items page
        The listing price of unsold and cancelled auctions will now display in the Completed tab
        The Auctions tab and Completed tab will now refresh when a player’s item has been purchased
Bug Fixes
        Auction house search filters are now no longer case sensitive
        Players can now search for stats on Legendary items
        "Attack Speed" is now a searchable affix for quivers
        "Chance to Blind on Hit" is now a searchable affix for amulets
        Items with the "Level Requirement Reduced" affix will now properly appear in search results when specifying the level range
        Searches will now properly filter results according to the set Minimum and Maximum values for "Life per Spirit Spent"
        Witch doctor's Corpse Spider bonus is now listed when searching for mojos
        The Recommended Items page will now display quivers for demon hunters even if the player has a two-handed ranged weapon equipped

    The "Report Spam" option is now available in the main menu when right-clicking on a player’s name (rather than being hidden in the "Report" sub-menu)
    Reporting another player for chat spam using "Report Spam" option will now also temporarily mute that player for the duration of your login session
    Reporting another player for friend request spam using the "Report Spam" option in the Friends List will now also automatically decline that player’s friend request
    The Quick Join window has been improved
    More information about Global Play (and its restrictions) has been added to the Account tab
    The game will now display both on the login and character select screen which region a player is currently logging into

        Clicking on achievement toasts will now provide more information about the achievement
        The Public Chat menu will now indicate which channels a player has already joined
        /who and /invite commands can now be used in all channels
        "DND" and "AFK" tags have been added to the "You are now Busy" and "You are now Away" status messages (respectively)
        Shift-left-clicking on a player’s name will now display the following information: [Name]: [Level][Mode][Class] – [Act (difficulty)] (i.e. "[Pixie]: Level 45 Hardcore Barbarian – Act I (Nightmare)")
        Chat Channel and Party message formatting has been updated
Bug Fixes
        Fixed a bug that caused items from the Normal gold auction house to display in the Hardcore gold auction house when a player switched between characters during periods of high latency
        The chat commands /p and /party now work correctly when joining Public Games
        Fixed a crash that could occur when clicking on a link to a fake item that contained more sockets than is possible


    Boss rooms have been standardized so that, after the boss fight is complete, players will always be able to do the following:
        Use Town Portal to leave the room
        Re-enter the room again via Town Portal as well as the room’s entrance portal
            Insect Swarm
                Projectiles can now be slowed
            Breath Attack
                Pets and Followers should now only take 10% damage from the breath attack
            Gas Cloud
                The rate at which Ghom spawns Gas Clouds has been reduced by approximately 20%
                The cooldown on Ghom's Gas Cloud attack has been increased from 6-10 seconds to 10-13 seconds
                Pets and Followers should now only take 5% damage from Gas Clouds
Bug Fixes
            Fixed an issue where certain movement skills were granting immunity to Ghom’s gas clouds if cast while inside the cloud (and if the player never left the cloud’s area of effect)
        Bug Fixes
            Players can no longer bypass the chains that appear during the “Heart of Sin: Kill the Daughters” event
            Fire Ball
                Projectiles can now be slowed 
        Bug Fixes
            Skipping Izual’s cut-scene should no longer cause players to become trapped behind his ice barrier
            Fixed a bug where Izual’s Charge attack would not do any damage
            Fixed a bug where Izual’s Charge attack could damage players twice
            Fixed a bug where Izual could become immune to damage when at 30% health under rare circumstances
        Bug Fixes
            Rakanoth is now properly immune to crowd control effects when enraged in Inferno difficulty
        Bug Fixes
            Diablo’s Bone Cage debuff will now be properly removed from the player during a phase transition if the cut-scene is skipped
            Fixed an issue where triggering a phase transition while grasped by Diablo could cause both the player and Diablo to become temporarily invisible
            Fixed an issue that caused Diablo to not summon Shadow Clones of the player if Seven-Sided Strike was cast at the appropriate time


        Active Skills
            Ancient Spear
                Now also roots the target in place for 1.5. seconds
                Will now default to Basic Attack if on cooldown
                Fury generated increased from 6 to 8
                Weapon damage increased from 150% to 165%
                Skill Rune - Onslaught
                    Weapon damage increased from 22% to 25% per reverberation
                Skill Rune - Punish
                    Bonus damage per stack increased from 6% to 8%
                Skill Rune - Instigation
                    Bonus Fury generated reduced from 6 to 4
                Weapon damage increased from 120% to 140%
                Skill Rune - Reaping Swing
                    Proc coefficient increased from 0.667 to 0.8
                Skill Rune - Broad Sweep
                    Weapon damage increased from 156% to 175%
                    Proc coefficient increased from 0.5 to 0.8
                Skill Rune - Gathering Storm
                    Proc coefficient increased from 0.5 to 0.8
            Hammer of the Ancients
                Weapon damage increased from 200% to 325%
                Skill Rune - Rolling Thunder
                    Weapon damage increased from 155% to 275%
                Skill Rune - Smash
                    Weapon damage increased from 270% to 406%
                Skill Rune - The Devil’s Anvil
                    Proc coefficient reduced from 1 to 0.08
                Can now be used while immobilized by crowd control effects (such as Jailer)
                    Note: Leap will not break CC effects, but that it can still be used while under the effect  

                Skill Rune - Crushing Advance
                    Can no longer trigger On Hit procs
                    Amount of damage reflected increased from 30% to 35%
                Weapon damage increased from 210% over 3 seconds to 700% over 5 seconds
                Skill Rune - Lacerate
                    Weapon damage increased from 271% over 3 seconds to 903% over 5 seconds
                Skill Rune - Bloodbath
                    Weapon damage increased from 60% over 3 seconds to 100% over 5 seconds
            Seismic Slam
                Weapon damage increased from 155% to 240%
                Skill Rune - Shattered Ground
                    Weapon damage increased from 202% to 288%
                Skill Rune - Cracking Rift
                    Weapon damage increased from 255% to 340%
            Weapon Throw
                Weapon damage increased from 100% to 130%
                Will now default to Basic Attack if the player runs out of Fury
                Skill Rune - Mighty Throw
                    Weapon damage increased 130% to 169%
                Weapon damage increased from 110% to 145%
                Skill Rune - Volcanic Eruption
                    Weapon damage increased from 143% to 188%
    Demon Hunter
        Active Skills
            Bola Shot
Weapon damage to the primary target increased from 130% to 160%
                Skill Rune - Thunder Ball
                    Weapon damage increased from 130% to 160%
                Skill Rune - Acid Strike
Weapon damage of each bola increased from 130% to 160%    
                Skill Rune - Imminent Doom
Weapon damage to the primary target increased from 182% to 216%
                Skill Rune - Jagged Spikes
                    Can no longer trigger procs

                Weapon damage increased from 150% to 170%
                Skill Rune - Twin Chakrams
                    Weapon damage increased from 100% to 114%
                Skill Rune - Serpentine
                    Weapon damage increased from 203% to 230%
                Skill Rune - Razor Disk
                    Weapon damage increased from 165% to 187%

                Skill Rune - Boomerang
                    Weapon damage increased from 188% to 230%
                Skill Rune - Shuriken Cloud
                    Weapon damage increased from 30% to 34%
                    Proc coefficient reduced from 0.333 to 0.125

            Cluster Arrow
                Initial bomb weapon damage increased from 200% to 225%
                Skill Rune - Maelstrom
                    Weapon damage increased from 145% to 165%
                Skill Rune - Loaded for Bear
                    Weapon damage increased from 290% to 304%

            Entangling Shot
Weapon damage of base skill and all rune variants increased from 75% to 90%
                Skill Rune - Shock Collar
                    Now deals an additional 70% weapon damage over 2 seconds
                    Weapon damage % is no longer based on attack speed
            Evasive Fire
                Weapon damage increased from 125% to 130%
                Skill Rune - Covering Fire
                    Weapon damage increased from 125% to 130% weapon

                Skill Rune - Gas Grenades
                    Proc coefficient reduced from 0.5 to 0.165
                Weapon damage increased from 250% to 265%
                Skill Rune - Chemical Burn
                    Weapon damage increased from 125% to 220%

                Hatred cost lowered from 40 to 30
                Skill Rune - Fire at Will
                    Now reduces Hatred cost to 15

            Rain of Vengeance
                Changed from 75% weapon damage for 5 seconds to 715% weapon damage over 5 seconds
                Skill Rune - Dark Cloud
                    Changed from 34% weapon damage for 12 seconds to 792% weapon damage over 12 seconds
                    Can now find targets in a larger radius around the player

                Skill Rune - Beastly Bombs
                    Weapon damage increased from 125% to 245% per bomb

                Skill Rune - Stampede
                    Weapon damage increased from 75% to 120% per strike

                Skill Rune - Anathema
Changed from 115% weapon damage for 10 seconds to 3300% weapon damage over 15 seconds

                Skill Rune - Flying Strike
                    Weapon damage increased from 60% to 100%

            Rapid Fire
                Weapon damage increased from 228% to 276%
                Skill Rune - Bombardment
                    Weapon damage increased from 276% to 345%

                Turret weapon damage increased from 20% to 55%
                Skill Rune - Chain of Torment
                    Maximum tether length increased to 45 yards
                    Weapon damage increased from 48% to 80%

            Smoke Screen
                Skill Rune - Choking Gas
                    Now does 700% weapon damage over 5 seconds
                    Weapon damage % is no longer based on attack speed

                Weapon damage increased from 120% to 156%
                Skill Rune - Demolition
                    Weapon damage increased from 144% to 187%

                Skill Rune - Action Shot
                    Will now always shoot 4 arrows

                Skill Rune - Trail of Cinders
                    Now leaves a trail of fire behind the player dealing 1500% weapon damage over 3 seconds

        Passive Skills
                No longer requires player to not be damaged for 3 seconds to regenerate 1% of maximum Life per second

        Bug Fixes
            Rain of Vengeance
                Skill Rune - Anathema
Shadow Beast should now drop the appropriate amount of grenades
        Active Skills
            Crippling Wave
                Spirit generated increased from 6 to 7
            Cyclone Strike
                Proc coefficient increased from 0 to 0.125

            Dashing Strike
                Weapon damage increased from 100% to 160%

            Exploding Palm
                Changed from 220% weapon damage over 3 seconds to 745% weapon damage over 9 seconds
                Skill Rune - Impending Doom
                    Duration increased from 6 seconds to 15 seconds.

            Lashing Tail Kick
                Weapon damage increased from 200% to 235% (this also benefits Sweeping Armada, Scorpion Sting, and Hand of Ytar)
                Skill Rune - Vulture Claw Kick
                    Weapon damage increased from 220% to 258%

                Skill Rune - Spinning Flame Kick
                    Weapon damage increased 240% to 294%
            Mystic Ally
                Can no longer trigger procs

            Seven-Sided Strike
                Weapon damage increased from 777% to 1777% over 7 hits
                Skill Rune - Sudden Assault
Weapon damage increased from 1007%to 2309% over 7 hits

                Skill Rune - Several-Sided Strike
                    The 2 extra hits now also increase the total duration of the spell (which increases the amount of time that you are invulnerable)

                Skill Rune - Fulminating Onslaught
Weapon damage of each explosion increased from 111% to 254%

            Sweeping Wind
                Skill Rune - Master of Wind
Increased the duration of the vortex from 10 to 20 seconds

            Tempest Rush
                Weapon damage increased from 50% to 85%

            Wave of Light
Weapon damage of initial strike increased from 215% to 390%
                Skill Rune - Wall of Light
Weapon damage bonus to initial strike increased from 312% to 566%
                Skill Rune - Explosive Light
                    Weapon damage increased from 285% to 430%

                Skill Rune - Pillar of the Ancients
                    Weapon damage on both the initial strike and delayed explosion increased from 210%  to 280%
            Way of the Hundred Fists
                Spirit generated increased from 6 to 8
                Skill Rune - Fists of Fury
                    Now does 100% weapon damage over 5 seconds
        Passive Skills
            Exalted Soul
                Now also generates 1 Spirit per second
            Fleet Footed
                Movement speed bonus no longer counts toward the 25% movement speed increase cap
            The Guardian's Path
Two-handed weapon Spirit generation bonus increased from 25% to 35%
        Bug Fixes
            Exploding Palm
                Fixed a bug that allowed players to gain multiple rare item drops from a single Champion or Rare pack by killing all remaining monsters in the pack at the same time using Exploding Palm
            Mystic Ally
                All Mystic Ally variants are now summoned with full health
            Wave of Light
                Fixed an issue that was causing enemies affected by Wave of Light to not always receive the full damage

    Witch Doctor
            Base Mana regeneration increased from 20 per second to 45 per second
            The spellcasting animations for the following skills have been modified to allow the effect to occur quicker and for the player to move sooner after casting: Acid Cloud, Corpse Spiders, Firebomb, Locust Swarm, Poison Dart, and Zombie Charger
        Active Skills
            Acid Cloud
                Range increased from 45 yards to 50 yards
                Now deals 115% weapon damage plus 150% weapon damage over 3 seconds (up from 100% weapon damage followed by 75% weapon damage over 3 seconds); also benefits Acid Rain
                Skill Rune - Lob Blob Bomb
                    Now increases base damage of Acid Cloud to 115% weapon damage
                    Slime weapon damage increased from 25% to 50% per second
                Skill Rune - Slow Burn
                    Now increases base damage of Acid Cloud to 115% weapon damage, and deals and additional 300% weapon damage over 6 seconds
                Skill Rune - Kiss of Death
                    Cloud of acid weapon damage increased from 110% to 126%
                    Weapon damage done to enemies who remain in the affected area increased from 83% to 165%, and damage is now dealt over 3 seconds
                Skill Rune - Corpse Bomb
                    Weapon damage increased from 200% to 230%
                    When casting Acid Cloud, your witch doctor will no longer attempt to walk closer to targets that are out of range

            Corpse Spiders
                Will now inherit +Critical Damage bonuses from the player
                Can now proc Life on Hit for the player
                Are aware of enemies from further away
                Have increased speed when pursuing enemies
                Skill Rune - Spider Queen
                    Changed from 16% weapon damage per second for 15 seconds to 630% weapon damage over 15 seconds
                    Tooltip has been updated to clarify that you may only have one Spider Queen active at a time

                Weapon damage increased from 150% to 180%
                Skill Rune - Plague Bats
                    Maximum weapon damage increased from 225% to 270%
                Skill Rune - Hungry Bats
                    Weapon damage increased from 280% to 350%

                Skill Rune - Cloud of Bats
                    The damage of the bats will now increase by 20% (up from 10%) every second, up to a maximum of 100% additional damage (up from 50%)

                Weapon damage increased from 85% to 110% ((this benefits all runes except Pyrogeist))
                Skill Rune - Fire Pit
                    Changed from 8% weapon damage for 3 seconds to 36% weapon damage over 3 seconds
                    Proc coefficient reduced from 0.67 to 0.067

                Skill Rune - Pyrogeist
                    Changed from 140% weapon damage over 3 seconds to 640% weapon damage over 6 seconds
                    Tooltip has been updated to clarify that only one column of flame can be active at a time

                Gargantuan survivability has been increased:
                    Maximum Life now scales with the player's Maximum Life
                        At level



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