Dragon Age 3: BioWare Won't Talk Until It Has 'Gameplay To Show'

Tom Hopkins

Dragon Age Creative Director tells fans to sit tight for official Dragon Age 3 info.

Published on Aug 21, 2012

Dragon Age 3, or at the very least, a third game in BioWare's fantasy RPG series, is in the works at BioWare but while there are lots of hints surrounding the themes and content headed to the game (including the  survey we reported on yesterday), BioWare will only start discussing the game when it becomes official and it has gameplay content it can reveal.
"I know a lot of folks have questions for me, recently, regarding some DA information that's been careening around the net," tweeted series Creative Director Mike Laidlaw.

"We're sticking to a "show me when you tell me" approach, so I won't be addressing the questions until we have gameplay to show," he added. "However...I'm listening, and reading. We'll try to make sure your questions are addressed in time. Earnestly: thanks for your patience."

The developer added that the Dragon Age 3 team will "get some info out as soon as we can."

Dragon Age 3 seems set to take place in the French-themed land of Orlais with players taking on the role of the Inquisitor.



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