Curiosity Explores 'Dynamic Balancing', 'Pure Motivation' - Molyneux

Tom Hopkins

iOS experiment Curiosity may be simple, but it's a multi-stranded game according to Peter Molyneux.

Published on Aug 21, 2012

Peter Molyneux, has revealed how the first of 22 Cans' experiments, Curiosity, will inform the indie studio as it  slowly builds up to creating its first proper game.

"Curiosity is an experiment in the use of cloud, pure motivation, simple gameplay and dynamic balancing," the veteran developer revealed over twitter.

22 Cans will also learn "if a simple problem can be solved by the digital world. To find out what's in a cube," Molyneux added.

Curiosity is an iOS app in which players will be able to tap away at a large cube, with the incentive of a "life-changing" prize at its core - a £50,000 diamond-tipped chisel will be available as one-time-only DLC too.

Curiosity launches for iOS this week.



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