FIFA 13: EA Treating 'Hacking' In Ultimate Team 'Very Seriously'

Tom Hopkins

EA labels president says the publisher has learned a lot from hacking issues with FIFA 12.

Published on Aug 21, 2012

FIFA 13 will receive tightened security in a bid to avoid the issues suffered by some in FIFA 12 with suspicious activity surrounding Ultimate Team packs, EA labels president Frank Gibeau has confirmed.

"We learned a lot from the experience. A lot of companies are suffering from this right now. There's a lot of sophisticated hacking happening in the gaming industry and it's a continuous battle," Gibeau told Joystiq.

"We take it very seriously, put a lot of resources on it. The learning from the FIFA example last year has been incorporated this year. There's some incremental and additional things. I don't want to get too detailed because I don't want to tip our hand. Rest assured, we take it very seriously."

EA hired a Microsoft security expert to help combat the chances of future loopholes from within games, Gibeau said, adding that it's a battle that can't be won, but it is  that EA has to "continuously stay on top of."

Asked whether FIFA players should feel more confident in the game's security this year Gibeau added:

"I hope that they do, and I think our performance will have to make them feel that way. We can promise it, but we have to actually show it."



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