Games To Play This Week: Darksiders 2, Horn & Molyneux's Curiosity Reviewed

Nick Jones

We run down the games you should be playing this week including the return of Darksiders.

Published on Aug 20, 2012

This Friday sees the return of THQ's Zelda-like adventure Darksiders 2. The first batch of reviews have been positive with NowGamer's sister magazine Play awarding it 86 per cent.

You can read our Darksiders 2 reviews on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, over on iPad, you may want to check out a game called Horn. Horn actually came out last week but is what you might term a 'propoer' game on iOS, it's a 3D adventre with lots of combat and puzzle solving and takes place in a lush fantast world. We'll be reviewing Horn later this week.

Then, on Friday, you can get your transform on with the release of the latest Transformers game, Fall Of Cybertron. Sadly, we won't review it until next week, so you may want to hold off until then.

Finally, Peter Molyneux's first project with new studio 22Cans is set for release this week on iPhone and Android. A lot has been made of the nature of tthe game – that there's a mysterious prize inside a cube – and that it's possible to simply reveal the prize by paying $50,000 for DLC. We'll be working what the hell is actually going on later this week.

Just for the record, we won't be paying $50,000 for the DLC. Even if it's a prize worth $50,001.



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