GTA 5: New Screenshots - Gameplay Analysis & Secrets Revealed

Nick Jones

Three new GTA 5 screenshots are out, but what secrets do they hold, and what can they tell us about the new Grand Theft Auto?

Published on Aug 20, 2012

Let's take a closer look at the new GTA 5 Transport screenshots to see what, if any, secrets they hold.

She's a Cheeta

The car’s make is clear: this is a Cheeta. But not a Cheetah, which is how this car make is spelt in all other GTAs. Well, that is apart from GTA 4, where the Cheetah didn’t make an appearance. Whatever the name changes means (if anything) it’s great to see this iconic GTA car return. Oh, wait, it could be that's just the sun glare hiding the 'H'. Oh well.

The Cheeta has a San Andreas license plate, sure, but can we read anything into the number? It reads 56PMA440. Nope, we haven’t got any ideas either.

Which part of Los Santos is this screenshot taken in? Well, judging by the greenery, we’d have a guess at the GTA equivalent of Beverly Hills, called Rodeo.


Husband, lover, fighter pilot

If you’ve got access to any image enhancing software, then run this through a brightness and contrast filter. In the cockpit you’ll see what looks like the main protagonist from the GTA 5 trailer.

Either that or the pilot has ditched his helmet and flight suit and gone for the suit and tie look.


Venice to see you again

San Andreas featured two varieties of bikes: a BMX and a mountain bike. This looks like a new type, however, with its low-slung handlebars it looks to be a road bike. Will GTA 5 feature BMXs? Will we be able to do stunts? Fingers crossed.

The rider appears to the wearing cycling shorts of some description – does this point to more character customisation options? There’s no guarantee that this is a playable character, of course, be we sure hope so.

This is Santa Maria pier, which is, of course, the GTA equivalent of Santa Monica pier. There just has to be an option to ride that ferris wheel. There just has to be.

To the left of the pier is the silhouette of what looks like a lifeguard station. Is it too late for Baywatch references?



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