OnLive Acquired By Investor, Service Won't Be Affected

Tom Hopkins

Cloud-gaming company OnLive has been bought by existing investor Lauder Partners, but customers shouldn't be affected.

Published on Aug 20, 2012

Onlive has been acquired by Silicon Valley firm Lauder Partners amid a round of layoffs and specualtion over the future of the cloud-gaming service.

OnLive filed for an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors, a form of bankruptcy, last week following what it described as "difficult financial decisions".

OnLive said in a statement that customers shouldn't notice any changes and that the streaming games service is "expected to continue without interruption."

"The OnLive Game and Desktop Services, all OnLive Devices and Apps, as well as all OnLive partnerships, are expected to continue without interruption and all customer purchases will remain intact; users are not expected to notice any change whatsoever," said the statement.

"OnLive's current initiatives will continue as well, with major announcements of new products and services planned in the coming weeks and months.

"OnLive, Inc.'s board of directors, faced with difficult financial decisions for OnLive, Inc., determined that the best course of action was a restructuring under an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors."

OnLive claims to have 2.5 million subscribers, 1.5 million of which are active users - the firm also said it expects that to grow with the service's integration in numerous devices such as TVs and the upcoming Ouya.


OnLive has sent over an FAQ regarding its transition:

Q. Will users see any change in the OnLive Game or Desktop Services? What about their purchases?
A. Users should see no change in the OnLive Game or Desktop Services. All of their purchases remain intact and available. OnLive has been up 24/7 since launch over two years ago and expects to remain so. OnLive has over 2.5 million subscribers, with an active base of over 1.5 million subscribers, connecting from a vast range of devices and networks, with many sessions running for hours. The user base is growing rapidly with OnLive’s addition into recently announced devices and TVs from major manufacturers. We expect this growth to continue under the new company.
Q. Is there any cash or stock in the new company provided for any OnLive, Inc. shares?
A. Unfortunately not. The nature of the transaction is such that only assets, not shares, were purchased. This is true for all shares of OnLive, Inc., whether held by investors, employees or executives.
Q. Did Steve Perlman receive stock or compensation in this transaction?
A. Like all shareholders, neither Steve nor any of his companies received any stock in the new company or compensation in this transaction at all. Steve is receiving no compensation whatsoever and most execs are receiving reduced compensation to allow the company to hire as many employees as possible within the current budget.
Q. Did all OnLive, Inc. assets transfer into the new company? Are any assets held by any other party?
A. All of OnLive, Inc.’s assets (e.g. technology, patents, trademarks, etc.) were transferred to an assignee, which then sold the assets to the new company. There was no transfer to any other party.
Q. Have OnLive, Inc. employees been offered positions in the new company?
A. Almost half of OnLive’s staff were offered employment at their current salaries in the new company immediately upon the transfer, and the non-hired staff will be given offers to do consulting in return for options in the new company. Upon closing additional funding, the company plans to hire more staff, both former OnLive employees as well as new employees.



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