New Puppeteer Details: Magical Scissors, Changing Heads & Multiplayer

Adam Barnes


Like the look of Puppeteer, but wish you knew more? Well you're in luck, we've squeezed some details out of Sony Japan for you.

Published on Aug 17, 2012

Puppeteer was one of our favourite games of Gamescom 2012, but Sony Japan didn't really reveal much about the game. Sure, it highlighted the fantastic art style and clever world-moves-around-you mechanic, but not much else.

So we spoke to Puppeteer and Sony Japan's game director Gavin Moore about the game, and some of the clever features tying it all together.

Take the interesting 'head system', for example. We spotted glimpses of the feature in the announcement trailer where the hero Kutro's head is dislodged from his wooden body.

But, according to Moore, this is actually far more intriguing than that. At its base level it acts as a life system, "find these heads like you find hearts."

If you get hit, your head will fall off and you'll have three seconds to pick it up before it's lost forever.

And that's important because of the second addition to this feature, where different heads can change the world around you in some way.

"So you have to find all these heads hidden throughout the whole adventure," explains Moore, "and then use them in the game to physically change the environment around you, so you can get to different places."

Then there's the magical scissors, another element seen in the gameplay trailer where Kutro cuts his way through enemies and objects.

It's more than that, however, as Moore tells us. "It also gives him the ability to move through his world as well, so instead of just running backwards and forwards as the theatre is changing around him all the time he can actually cut objects and fly around as long as he’s cutting."

This particular ability is highlighted towards the end of the trailer, as Kutro and magical scissors climbs higher and higher by snipping up a swarm of bats.

Finishing off our interview, Moore teases us with the possibility of multiplayer too. When asked about the potential of co-operative play, all we're given is "I wouldn’t say you’re very far off at all."

That sounds promising then.

Puppeteer hasn't yet been announced for a particular Sony platform, and won't be coming to the PS Vita, but already we're looking forward to getting our hands on it.



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