Sony Japan's Puppeteer Not Coming To PS Vita

Adam Barnes


Despite a great showing for Sony's PS Vita, Puppeteer won't be heading to the handheld.

Published on Aug 17, 2012

Puppeteer was one of Sony's unique new IPs showcased at Gamescom 2012, but thanks to an interview with Sony Japan's game director Gavin Moore, NowGamer can confirm Puppeteer won't be coming to PS Vita.

When quizzed on the Vita, Moore said "We’re not doing Vita," ambiguously adding, "we’re not announcing anything."

Does this mean Sony hasn't yet decided whether it will be a full retail release, or the next big PSN title? Or, dare we say it, does this even suggest a new console?

We then asked Moore about the potential of PlayStation Move implementation for Puppeteer, to which he replied "Traditional platform gaming has always been done with a controller, and that’s what we based most of our stuff on."

But Moore continued, adding "at the moment you control both the characters on the screen with that controller, but we’ll be announcing stuff in the future about other hardware that Sony has."

Interesting. Not only does it sound like Move is a likely prospect, but it also appears there will be two playable characters too.

Do you like the look of Puppeteer? Would you prefer if it was coming to PS Vita?



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