Medal Of Honor Warfighter Dev: 'Post-Launch DLC Keeps Fans Playing'

Adam Barnes


Greg Goodrich suggests MOH Warfighter will rectify the lack of post-launch support for Danger Close's last game.

Published on Aug 16, 2012

EA spent a large portion of its Gamescom 2012 conference talking up the benefits of DLC, pre-order bonuses and the services it provides.

And there's no doubting that Battlefield 3 has seen a lot of success from its expansion packs and Premium Subscription service.

So it only makes sense that EA's next big shooter, Medal Of Honor: Warfighter, would take cues from this idea.

We spoke to Greg Goodrich - executive producer at Danger Close - at Gamescom who believes that DLC and additional content is important to sustain the life of a game, and laments that it was something the team didn't do quite so well with the last Medal Of Honor game.

"The last game was a success in that we shipped a lot of copies," said Goodrich, "and a lot of players played the game."

But more could be done, apparently, with Goodrich claiming, "I think that one of the issues we had was that we didn’t support it enough post-launch and our colleagues at DICE certainly had other things they were concentrating on with Battlefield 3."

Ensuring this will change with Medal Of Honor: Warfighter, Goodrich suggested DLC will be a big part of its future, "With this game, we haven’t announced anything yet, but we do know that – in gaming in general but this genre especially – you absolutely have to support it with healthy content post-launch to keep that community around and involved and playing your game."

So while Danger Close isn't ready to announce anything yet, but certainly sounds like you should expect DLC for Medal Of Honor: Warfighter.



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