GTA 5 Clues In Latest Epsilon Program Tweets?

Tom Hopkins

Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto viral marketing continues via the Epsilonsim Today twitter account - but does it actually tell us anything about GTA 5?

Published on Aug 16, 2012

GTA 5's viral marketing campaign is in full swing, and the latest tweets from the Epsilon Program Twitter account are doing a good job of reminding us of the wit and satire in the GTA universe.

The recent batch of tweets could be hinting at something more, too.

"The point is not how much things cost, but what you get for your investment," reads one tweet, in the language of the fictitious Epsilon cult. Could it be a reference to the value of the content Rockstar is trying to pack into GTA 5?

Another tweet, in response to a follower, reads: "We admire your passion, but misdirected passion can be a weakness."

A comment about GTA's fanatical gamer following?

"None of this is real. That’s the point," reads another quasi-metaphysical tweet. Or is it just a tongue in cheek reference to the fictional Epsilon Program?

Meanwhile, Rockstar's parallels with Epsilon are revealed in the tweet: "We are at perpetual war with injustice and lies."

Speculation and lies about GTA 5 perhaps?

A larger, extended tweet reveals more trademark GTA humour but also a potential covert hint at content (in bold):

"But as has been made clear the supplementary (but tax deductible) charges levied on additional courses and study programs – written, don’t forget, by some of the world’s finest intellectuals, scientists and celebrities - are dependent on the desire of the student to pay the right amount for the knowledge they are getting.

"So when you ask ‘how much?’ how can we answer without a full, accredited analysis of both your finances and of your thirst for truth? Any high ranking Epsilonist at your local office should have made this clear, as it is written into most of the literature, usually in small print. We will be running a truly remarkable online study program which we hope will add a lot of clarity. Remember, when you are ready, you will understand. If you don’t understand, you are not ready. The purpose of Epsilon’s much valued study programs is the acquisition of readiness and the revelation of those who are Unsaveable. And we all know what happens to them."

Hit up Epsilonism Today for more.



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