OnLive 'Actively Investigating' Free-To-Play Content

Tom Hopkins

Cloud-gaming provider OnLive is looking at free-to-play options to add to the service

Published on Aug 15, 2012

OnLive General Manager Bruce Grove has confirmed the cloud gaming service is keen on offering users free-to-play content in future.

"We've been looking at free-to-play. We don't have a free-to-play model today, but it's something we're actively investigating," Grove told us at gamescom.

"As a platform, and someone that runs large data centres operations and delivering content, we have to consider the economics - how everything works and fits into it," Grove added. "Also we want to encourage developers to come to us and put the content on there. We've done  lot of work with indies, we're big supporters of smaller publishers and developers as well as large publishers and developers, and we want to continue that."

Free-to-play will only be one option for OnLive moving forward, Grove explained.

"It's not that free-to-play replaces everything. I've been around long enough, seen a lot of different models come and go, and that's true across lots of different industries.

"As a platform, if you start putting everything in as free-to-play, you end up with discoverability problems."

Do you want to see free content on a cloud-gaming service like OnLive? Drop us a comment below.



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