DayZ Dev: "Gamers Are Buying Trash"

Adam Barnes


Bohemia developer claims only gamers have to power to change the industry, they just need to be a little more picky about the games they buy.

Published on Aug 15, 2012

DayZ creator Dean "Rocket" Hall turned up at Gamescom 2012 this year, and NowGamer managed to catch up with him to find out his thoughts on the latest PC craze.

In the interview, Hall mentioned how had previously pitched the idea of DayZ to another publisher while working as a producer, only to have it "shot down".

When asked about why he thought publishers weren't interested, Hall replied "I think it’s because they want to keep customers happy," he said, referring to the perma-death feature of DayZ, "and they think that the minute a customer is unhappy they will stop playing the game."

During his pitch of DayZ, Hall claims he "was told at the time was ‘oh gamers say they want this, but what they really want is this’."

Hall disagreed, however, believing "gamers have matured not just in age but in terms of expectations. You know I go back to some of the games I used to love and my expectations are different."

Part of this is down to social media, claims Hall, which he also states is the way in which gamers can take control of the industry

"Now that social media is here, gamers can be really choosy and communicate very rapidly about what they like and what they don’t like."

"I still think gamers are buying trash though: so they buy it, and then they bitch about it. I think they should just not buy it."

Hall believes that if we are more picky about the games we buy then "we would very quickly see a change in the industry."

But Hall doesn't think this would impact on the industry's sales, which is reported failing dramatically as we reach the end of this generation's life cycle.

"People still buy stuff, they pre-order stuff and they get involved in the hype and as soon as gamers realise now that social media – Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, 4chan – are there, they can actually completely control the industry themselves."

This is the key, says Hall "I just don’t think people are quite clued onto that yet: they go out and they buy stuff and then they bitch about it, and then they buy the next version of that stuff."

He has a very good point. Bored of FPS games? Don't buy them then.



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