DayZ Dev On Windows 8 Debate: 'Microsoft Can't Compete With Apple'

Nick Jones

Bohemia's Dean Hall wants Microsoft to continue its 'really open make-whatever-you-want-on-it kind of development' attitude.

Published on Aug 15, 2012

Speaking at Gamescom, DayZ's Dean Hall has echoed Valve's Gabe Newell and other developers' concerns over game development for Windows 8.

We asked Hall what he thought about Newell's Windows 8 comments, where he expressed concern about Microsoft's new OS because of the direction it may take towards restricting software development and distribution

Newell famously described Windows 8 as a "catastrophe."

Dean told us, "I haven’t looked at it a lot. Obviously Gabe Newell has a lot of big thoughts on it, and it does bring quite a concern to us. You know, we’d be concerned about any Windows release whether it’s good or bad, it always raises concerns.

Hall also questioned Microsoft's directlon with Windows 8, "I think the thing that concerns me personally would be what Microsoft’s direction is: are they trying to be innovative, or are they just trying to copy what Apple’s doing? And that’s more of the concern, if they’re not innovating then that’s really what PC gaming needs, it really needs strong emphasis on innovation and driving its own ground."

Is Windows 8 an attempt to compete with Apple in the casual gaming market?

"Like DirectX I believe has always been a really fantastic way to build a game on, and if they’re suddenly trying to court Apple’s market – you know, more casualised, very close-platform development then that is a real concern. If they’re suddenly trying to compete with Apple, I don’t think they’re going to be able to. I think they should keep going in the direction they have been, you know a really open make-whatever-you-want-on-it kind of development."

"I think Microsoft, hopefully, that this is just a bit of confusion about Windows 8 and that it’ll all become clear in the end. I don’t know."

DayZ is currently a free mod for ArmA 2, but has been taken in-houe by Bohemia to develop as a full release.



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