Blizzard: ‘Community Is Taking A Break Until Mists Of Pandaria Comes Out’

Nick Jones

Subscribers will come back with the launch of Mists Of Pandaria, says Blizzard’s John Lagrave

Published on Aug 15, 2012

Blizzard’s John Lagrave has moved to allay fears that World Of Warcraft’s slide in subscribers will continue after September's Mists Of Pandaria launch.

Lagrave expects numbers to grow after the launch, saying that the community is simply ‘taking a break’.

We asked Lagrave about the recent drop in World Of Warcraft subscribers, and if he was expecting a surge when Pandaria is released and if he had any specific targets for subscriber numbers.

Lagrave told us, “There are no specifics targets; our targets are to make the game as fun as possible and that’s what we’re primarily involved in as game designers.”

“It’s not a great surprise that at the end of an expansion cycle there’s a bit of a lull, what we’ve heard from the community is that they’re really taking a break until Mists comes out. At the same time, we’ve heard a lot of enthusiasm and we expect a real upsurge when Mists comes out.”

Activision Blizzard recently revealed that WoW's subscribers had fallen by over a million in Q1 2012.

Mists Of Pandaria is due for release on 25 September.



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