FIFA 13: Ultimate Team Seasons, FIFA Points Detailed

Tom Hopkins

EA Sports has detailed some of the changes headed to FIFA 13's Ultimate Team.

Published on Aug 15, 2012

FIFA 13's version of the popular Ultimate Team card trading game will introduce Seasons, new FIFA Points currency and a redesigned UI to the game, EA Sports hs revealed.

EA Sports dropped the new details at gamescom, revealing plenty of new factoids on the EA forums.

FIFA Points are the new FUT currency, which players can buy via Xbox Live and PSN - packs in FUT will only be available using Coins or FIFA Points.

Meanwhile, the FUT main menu has been redesigned, while players will be able to battle across five divisions in Seasons.

Check out the other new details and FIFA 13 Ultmate Team video below:

• Ultimate Team – overhauled introduction for new players. Step-by-step guide to squad building and trading.

• Returning players will be rewarded with special packs.

• FIFA Seasons in are in FUT, with both online and single Player versions of Seasons. There will be five divisions in Seasons to prove your Ultimate Team abilities.

• Single-player Seasons in FUT have eligibility requirements. Online, it’s all about bringing your very best squad

• At the end of every Season in FUT there will be prizes based on how well your Squad performed.

• Fitness has been redesigned to make fitness recovery items more important

• Morale – The scales have shifted! Neutral morale is the default and you’ll have to manage your squad to get high
morale. Players expect to play and win to keep high morale. Players with low morale recover to neutral faster

• TOTW - You can now challenge the Team of the Week for a reward every week

• New manager tasks help teach you the mid-level tasks of running a club. Complete them all for a Special reward!

• You can buy unlock rewards in the EASFC catalogue for your club: e.g. more squads or bigger Trade piles.

• FUT is now fully integrated with EASFC. Your friends can keep up with your big signings.

Iphone App.

• You can now access your Ultimate Team information at any time through the EA SPORTS mobile app or the FIFA website.



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