PS3 Exclusive Japan Studio Game Puppeteer Announced

Adam Barnes


Japan Studios creative new PS3 exclusive Puppeteer announced, described as "the theatre of the strange and fantastic".

Published on Aug 14, 2012

Sony announced a number of games at its Gamescom 2012 conference, but Puppeteer was by far and away the most interesting of the lot.

On the surface, Puppeteer is little more than a 2D platformer, but with a fantastic art style and the intriguing way the backgrounds fling around the screen makes this more than a little exciting.

Once the hero collects his magical scissors, however, these take on a far more important role, requiring near-constant use to overcome obstacles and chop through the levels.

No other details were given, but there's a definite LittleBigPlanet vibe to this one. One to keep an eye on, we'd expect.



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