Sony: PS Plus & 'Cross Buy' Coming To PS Vita/PS3

Nick Jones

Buy games on PS3 get them for free on PS Vita.

Published on Aug 14, 2012

Sony has announcend that, unsuprisingly, PS Plus will be coming to PS Vita this Christmas.

Like PS3 PS Plus subscribers, Vita subscribers will get a number of benefits for subscribing, most notably free games. Sony said the Vita PS Plus would cost €49 (£39.99) and would receive thousands of Euros worth of games.

Sony also announced 'Cross Buy' which will affect cross-PS3/PS Vita games would receive a free copy of the PS Vita version when they buy the PS3 game.

The first game that will benefit from Cross Buy will be PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal.

Meanwhile, back in PS Plus land, Sony confirmed Red Dead Redemption as the next big free game and PS Plus cloud storage would be increased from 150MB to 1GB in the near future.



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