Half-Life 3: Valve 'Not Showing Any Games' At Gamescom

Tom Hopkins

Valve confirmd it is not at gamescom to show games, amid rumours over a possible Half-Life 3 reveal.

Published on Aug 14, 2012

Half-Life 3's appearance on a gamescom product list appears to have been a complete fabrication, following the confirmation that Valve is not showing games at the event this year.

Describing previos reports as "false" Valve's Doug Lombardi told NowGamer the developer is "not showing any games in Cologne this year".

Valve didn't detail why it has booked space at the show, but with Steam and Source Engine among Valve's other interests we'd imagine gamescom would provide a good opportunity to speak to clients.

We thought Valve might be showing Counter Strike: Global Offensive, but apparently not.



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