SimCity World Detailed, Mac Release Date & Closed Beta Confirmed

Adam Barnes


Mac release date announced, incoming closed beta and a few new details on how multiplayer will work with the next SimCity.

Published on Aug 14, 2012

Though SimCity only took up a small segment of EA's 2012 Gamescom conference - the majority being spent talking about services and why pre-order bonuses are so bloody brilliant - there was still enough time for Maxis to reveal a few details.

Maxis took to the stage at EA's Gamescom 2012 conference, detailing how players can specialise their cities into specific outputs: whether that's a haven for casinos, a focus on culture or simply an industrial-led city.

Most interesting was the announcement of SimCity World, which Maxis referred to as the "connective tissue" that brings SimCity's always-on multiplayer together.

A following trailer (which will also tracked down and added below) revealed a few new elements that we didn't already know about, however.

Such as the economic market, which shows the fluctuating prices on Ore, Coal, Electronics or any of the other exportable goods in the SimCity world. Does this mean your city can benefit from its exportation on the world market?

Then there are challenges, timed objectives that reward players for their participation. This could be by building a university in an alloted amount of time.

Leaderboards will bring players together as their consistently aim to beat one another's highest achievements, while the SimCity News Ticker will notify you each time you beat (or are beaten) on the leaderboards.

There were a few other announcements too, with Maxis confirming that SimCity will be coming to Mac when it releases in February.

A closed beta will be beginning very shortly too, and to access it you'll need to sign up for the beta over on the official SimCity site. You will need your dxdiag file, however.



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