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Hitman Absolution: Io Reveals New Creative Online 'Contracts' Mode

Tom Hopkins

Hitman Absolution's new online Contracts mode will enable players to challenge each other.

Hitman Absolution is getting a new online mode called Contracts, Io Interactive has revealed.

"We’ve always enjoyed watching videos of how the fans tackle the different levels; both in terms of strategy and approach to the emergent systems within the game but also in terms of how they change the rules by going against the core of the level," Io's Nick Price wrote on the PS blog.

"A great example is when we see people trying to set up mission parameters all by themselves. The previous games didn’t really support this – you were supposed to play a level in one of several different ways but targets always remained the same – but the fans pretty quickly started setting up conditions for completion themselves.

"Kill everyone with a particular weapon. Don’t get spotted by anyone. Only wear the chicken outfit. Kill that waiter in the bar at the Meat King’s party. Sometimes these conditions would be extremely hard to fulfill but equally satisfying when they did get completed. So for Hitman: Absolution, we decided to formalize a lot of that. The result – Contracts mode."

Contracts will enable players to create challenges for themselves and friends by creating custom hits.

"Choose a level, an outfit and a load-out, and, as he or she plays through the level, tag and assassinate up to three different targets – chosen from anyone within the level," adds Price. "The player is free to use any weapon or disguise brought in or found in the level but he must be able to complete the contract himself in order to save it and share it with the world."

Contracts will also have a reward system, rankings and unlockables. Sounds like a great addition to the Hitman formula. Check out the new screens for more.

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