Remember Me: Comic Book Artist 'Key', Dev Explains Kinect Snub

Tom Hopkins

Oskar Guilbert, CEO at Dontnod Entertainment, has discussed newly announced action game Remember Me in an exclusive interview.

Published on Aug 14, 2012

Remember Me, the new action title revealed today at gamescom by publisher Capcom is looking stunning, the product of years of hard work by Parisian developer Dontnod, which first revealed the game as Adrift last year.

Adrift was once set to be a PS3-exclusive published by Sony, but has now ended up with Capcom - but Dontnod's relationships have been invaluable according to studio boss Oskar Guilbert.

"The collaboration with our publishers pushed us into two different
directions," he told NowGamer, adding that Remember Me's long, iterative development was 'not easy'.

"First, in the preproduction phase the publisher gave us the necessary support in order to explore new paths in terms of creativity. On the production side, during this early stage we were able to test different production pipelines. Then in the second phase, the production phase, with the support of our publisher we identified and focused on the most powerful aspects of the game content and the most efficient pipelines. It was an iterative process and not an easy one."

Those 'powerful aspects' appear to be the cyberpunk-esque manipulation of NPCs memories, demoed in the recent Remember Me gameplay clip.

Dontnod also chose against supporting new devices and peripherals with Remember Me, instead choosing to focus on HD consoles.

"In preproduction, we explored several possibilities in terms of
controls and new devices. But after several iterations we decided to
focus on the most efficient and adapted devices for our game," added Guilbert. "The market shares also enter into account. However we believe that the HD current gen platforms with the classical controllers are the most adapted to what we want to convey to the player."

Finally, Guilbert described the influence of comic-book artist Aleksi Briclot on the studio's first game as "key".

"His influence is immense as he is the Art Director of our studio and
game," Guilbert said. "He is working very closely with all the teams of DONTNOD.His expertise and talent is more particularly key in the concept phase where all the visual word needs to be built and seduce,
convince, everyone in the studio and the publisher. On the other
hand, in the production phase, his visuals bring not only the new
breathtaking world and characters but help the player to smoothly
understand the universe and progress smoothly in his gameplay

Remember Me is headed to PS3, Xbox 360 and PC in May 2013.



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