Next-Gen Xbox 720 Sold On eBay For $20,000

Adam Barnes


Rumoured next-gen Xbox has sold on eBay, but is it really Microsoft's next console?

Published on Aug 13, 2012

Microsoft's long-rumoured next-generation Xbox - otherwise known as Xbox 720 or Durango - was given some weight recently when Twitter user DaE posted photos of what he claimed was an Xbox 720 devkit.

He then started auctioning the console on eBay, which has now sold for just over

The full details of bidders aren't revealed by eBay, but whoever bought it has long been an eBay user with 377 feedback comments and a history of buying electronics and PC parts.

So it's not likely that Sony or Nintendo has swooped in to pickup what is being called a "Microsoft XBOX Durango Development Kit".

DaE - or @superdae on Twitter - also claims to have a second Microsoft Durango devkit, referring to the spare he sold as "a leg rest".

This should all be taken as rumour, of course, since there's no real reason to believe this is a real Xbox 720 devkit. For now, we'll just have to wait and see what happens when the eBay buyer receives his 'Durango devkit'.

What do you reckon? Fake or not?



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