Retro City Rampage: PC Release Date Incoming?

Tom Hopkins

GTA-inspired retro game mash-up Retro City Rampage appears in the Steam database, which could indicate an imminent launch.

Published on Aug 9, 2012

Retro City Rampage, the indie love-letter to 8-bit gaming from one-man studio Brian Provinciano, could be set to launch on Steam soon, judging by a new entry on the Steam CDR database.

Retro City Rampage pays homage to games as diverse as GTA and Super Mario Bros. and everything else in between - it's been slated for Summer 2012 for a few months (or just '2012' on Steam) and is set to hit PS3, PS Vita, XBLA and WiiWareon day one too, Provinciano has confirmed.

"Working non-stop 7 days a week. Less posts just means the game's that much closer because I have no time for tweeting," the developer tweeted last week.

Hit the link to see Retro City Rampage in action.



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