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Wii U: New Title Game Party Champions Coming This Christmas

Tom Hopkins

Warner Bros announces brannd new party game for Wii U.

Wii U just got a brand new post-launch title - Game Party Champions from Warner Bros, a family-friendly arcade party game.

Launching in time for Christmas, Game Party Champions is the latest in the Game Party series, and includes events such as ping pong, skill ball, air hockey and hoop shoot.

Players will be able to “tilt, turn and swipe the Wii U’s revolutionary touch screen controller to play in entirely new ways," according to Samantha Ryan, SVP, Production and Development.

Players will be required to pass the Wii U's GamePad in party mode.

Check out the screens for more - it's not quite the Wii U exclusive we were hoping for - but is it a step up from Wii U Sports?

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