Thief 4 Heading To Next-Gen PS4, Xbox 720 - Rumour

Tom Hopkins

Thief 4 will skip PS3 and Xbox 360 completely according to new claims.

Published on Aug 8, 2012

Thief 4, the stealth-'em-up sequel long in-development at Eidos Montreal, will now debut late next year - on next-gen systems Xbox 720 and PS4, according to a new claim.

OXM via CVG reported the rumour about the game, which was first revealed back in May 2009.

Eidos Montreal had a hit with Deus Ex: Human Revolution last year, and have remained fairly quiet ever since - a developer's CV previously hinted at the possibility of Thief 4 hitting next-gen back in June.

We'd rather not wait for Thief 4 - but at least Dishonored's out in a couple of months.



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