Skyrim: 'Dawnguard' 1.7 Patch Hits US PS3s This Week, Europe Next Week

Tom Hopkins

Skyrim's 1.7 update will launch worldwide for Xbox 360, and in the US for PS3 on 9 August, following for European PS3s next week.

Published on Aug 8, 2012

Skyrim's latest update, 1.7, will launch for Xbox 360 tomorrow, 9 August, and PS3 next week, according to Bethesda's Pete Hines.

"Just got word that Skyrim 1.7 update will be out this Thursday for 360 (Worldwide) and PS3 (N. America). PS3 Europe is expected next week," Hines tweeted.

The update is already available via Steam - it adds a number of bug fixes, except on PS3, which also contains update 1.6 - the 'mounted combat update'.

You'll need that before you can play the Dawnguard expansion on PS3, although that still has no release date.



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