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Scourge: Outbreak: Gears Of War-Style Co-Op Shooter Incoming For PS3

Tom Hopkins

Scourge: Outbreak could be the closest thing to Gears of War for Sony's console yet, when it launches in a couple of months.

Gears of War may never become available for the PS3, but Epic Games doesn't have the monopoly on third-person, four-player co-op shooters, starring chunky space marines, as this set of new screens for Tragnarion Studios' Scourge: Outbreak show.

Scourge: Outbreak is out "in a couple of month’s time," according to Lead Game Designer Omar Salleh.

"Scourge: Outbreak is often compared to other well-established third person shooters, but we’ve tried to capture a faster-paced, less methodical combat feel than what typifies other examples of the genre," Salleh wrote on the PSN blog.

"We’re especially keen to see players get a kick out of the co-op narrative style that we’ve developed, whereby each of the game’s four playable characters experiences their own unique flashbacks throughout the game.

"These memories are designed to fit together as a kind of jig-saw puzzle, so the best way to get the full picture is to discuss them with your buddies. Some show dubious details about yourself, while others cast doubt on your squad-mates. Who’s the real enemy? What’s going on? What did you see? Don’t worry… single-player is a complete experience in and of itself, but co-op is where this style of narrative really shines."

Each of the squad's four members will also have different stats and abilities - check out the gallery for more.

Scourge: Outbreak hasn't yet got a set release date or price - but expect it to be a digital download on PSN - it's also headed to Xbox Live, PC and Mac.

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