Notch Keen On Oculus Rift Support In 0x10c, Maybe Minecraft

Tom Hopkins

Gamers may one day be able to navigate through Mojang's games - including Minecraft - via a virtual reality headset.

Published on Aug 6, 2012

Minecraft creator Markus 'Notch' Persson is keen on adding support for the upcoming Oculus Rift headset to Mojang's games.

"VERY excited about the Oculus Rift! Can't wait to start playing with it," Notch tweeted. "If we get it to work with Java, 0x10c will support it," he added.

There are no guarantees for Minecraft, but Notch is keen to support the device in the block-based create-'em-up.

"I can't promise Minecraft until [Minecraft developer] @jeb_ has tried it. That's his call! :D If I like it, I will certainly "suggest" it," Notch added.

0x10c, Notch's upcoming space-trading sim is some time away. So is the Oculus Rift - but it has generated $1.3 million in funds with 25 days to go.



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