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  • 3784Gulch Environment 3.jpg
  • 3788Special Delivery Environment.jpg
  • 3787Parish Environment.jpg
  • 3789Vertigo Environment.jpg
  • MW3_Decommission Environment.jpg
  • MW3_Boardwalk Environment.jpg
  • MW3_Light 'Em Up Environment.jpg
  • MW3_Offshore Environment 2.jpg
  • MW3_Gulch Environment 2.jpg

MW3 DLC: First Screens For New Maps Gulch, Boardwalk, Offshore

Tom Hopkins

Activision reveals a first look at some of the final Modern Warfare 3 DLC.

Modern Warfare 3's season-long DLC content calendar maybe coming to a close in the next couple of months - but the Call of Duty title won't be going quietly.

Check out the first images of new maps Gulch, Offshore, Boardwalk as well as Spec Ops missions Vertigo, Arctic Recon, Light ‘Em Up and Special Delivery.

Check out our gallery for more - Gulch looks like it's come oout of Red Dead Redemption.

MW3's Chaos Pack DLC hits Xbox 360 this week.

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