The Secret World Celebrates One Month Online With Free Weekend

Tom Hopkins

Funcom offering a free weekend and special content in The Secret World, starting today.

Published on Aug 3, 2012

The Secret World is offering gamers the chance to try out the MMO for the next few days, with a free weekend.

Starting today at 4pm GMT and running until 7am on Monday morning, players will be able to bag themselves a free in-game T-shirt, 1200 points of in-game currency and free fireworks.

The debut content of Funcom's planned monthly updates, "Issue #1: Unleashed" will also be available to play.

Hit the link to download The Secret World's client.

Check out NowGamer's The Secret World review for more - the last EA-published MMO to offer regular free weekends, SWTOR, will go free-to-play in November.



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